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Bob Wright and Harbortown

SHELLSHOCKED features music from Staten Island Bluegrass musician and historian Bob Wright and his band Harbortown. Wright's songs celebrate the rich history of Staten Island and New York Harbor - from lighthouse keepers and oysters; breweries and bridges; and immigrants and entertainers. Get Bob Wright and Harbortown tour dates and listen to their latest songs here.

The songs featured in SHELLSHOCKED are from Bob Wright and Harbortown's latest album, The Oyster Aristocracy:

  • Down by the Oyster Barges
  • Oyster Aristocracy
  • Look at the Water

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Additional Music

Additional Music featured in SHELLSHOCKED is from Pump Audio and Shockwave Sound:

  • Above White Clouds, Shockwave Sound
  • A Promise of Tomorrow, Shockwave Sound
  • Autumn Rain, Shockwave Sound
  • Brightness Falls, Shockwave Sound
  • Closer Than You Think, Shockwave Sound
  • Earthquake at Versailles, the Changelings
  • Hearts and Minds, Shockwave Sound
  • Imparator, In the Nursery
  • My Brother, Shockwave Sound
  • New Horizons, Shockwave Sound
  • Oboe in the Woods, Shockwave Sound
  • Oceanside, Shockwave Sound
  • Sky Dreams, Shockwave Sound
  • The Elven Legacy, Shockwave Sound
  • Twelfth Night, Matthew Janszen

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