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Fabien Cousteau

is a third generation ocean explorer and conservationist. The grandson of Jacques Cousteau and son of Jean-Michel Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau began scuba diving at age four. From a young age he has worked to protect marine habitats. He launched Plant A Fish in 2010 to empower local communities to "re-plant" stressed marine animals and plants. Cousteau is working with the NY Harbor School to restore wild oyster reefs to the Hudson River Estuary.

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Mara Haseltine

is an environmental artist and professor at The New School. She creates large-scale sculptures that combine art and scientific experiments and environmental restoration. Haseltine is starting "The Geotherapy Institute of Art and Science," which emphasizes a multidiscipline approach to ecosystem restoration.

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Mark Kurlansky

is an award-winning and New York Times Best-Selling author. He has written 23 books, including The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell, which tells the history of New York City through the oyster. In 2011 he won the National Parenting Publications Gold Award for his children's book, The World Without Fish: How Kids Can Help Save the Oceans.

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Kyle Bennett

is an aquatic invertebrate ecologist whose research focuses on cryptic species complexes and associated ecological and conservation implications. He is an assistant professor of biology at Elmhurst College in Illinois.

Meredith Comi

is the director of NY/NJ Baykeeper's oyster restoration program. She oversees Baykeeper's aquaculture facility, reef building and monitor activities and the oyster gardening program.

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Murray Fisher

is the founder and program director of the New York Harbor School. He worked with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at Riverkeeper and helped launch Waterkeeper Alliance. With his leadership, The Harbor School students are growing oysters for New York's Oyster Restoration Research Project (ORRP).

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Sylvia D'Alessandro

is the executive director of the Sandy Ground Historical Society. Sandy Ground, Staten Island, is the oldest continuously inhabited freed African-American settlement in the country. Freed African-American oystermen moved to Sandy Ground in the 1800s to escape restrictive laws in Maryland.

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Yvonne Taylor

a retired teacher, is the granddaughter of Robert H. Landin, an oysterman who left Maryland to work on the Sandy Ground oyster beds. Taylor grew up in Sandy Ground, Staten Island.

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Chester Zarnoch

is a shellfish biologist who studies the physiological ecology of bivalves to address questions related to restoration and aquaculture. He is an assistant professor of environmental studies at Baruch College in New York City.

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Jim Lodge

is a project manager at the Hudson River Foundation and coordinator of the Oyster Restoration Research Project (ORRP), which aims to restore 5000 acres of oyster reefs in NY Harbor by 2050.

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Pete Malinowski

is the aquaculture professor at the New York Harbor School. Under his instruction, Harbor School students grow oysters for New York's Oyster Restoration Research Project (ORRP). Malinowski grew up raising Fisher's Island oysters.

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Amy Cradic

is the Assistant Commissioner of the Natural and Historic Resources Program for the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection. In her current position she oversees the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, including NJ’s Marine Fisheries program and Endangered and Non-game species; NJ Division of Parks and Forestry, Coastal Engineering, including Dam Safety, Historic Preservation Office and the Green Acres Program, which aggressively preserves open space.

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