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Become an Oyster Gardener

If you are in the NY/NJ area, have access to water, and are able to maintain the garden and collect data, you can grow oysters that will be used for Baykeeper's oyster reef restoration projects!

Oyster gardening gives you the opportunity to contribute to restoring the health of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary. The oysters you grow will increase the broodstock of oysters in the Estuary and make the important first steps towards increasing the population of this keystone species. This program is a year-long commitment that is fulfilled when the oysters you raise are planted on reefs in the Estuary. For the oysters to make a significant impact, they need to be gathered and put onto a reef where they will spawn in close proximity, thus increasing chance of fertilization. The adult oysters also attract oyster larvae and re-establish a habitat that has been degraded. In this way, your contribution will continue to yield results in the Estuary for years to come.

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Plant A Fish

Support Fabien Cousteau's organization and empower local communities to "re-plant" stressed marine animals and plants.

The Hudson River used to be home to the largest oyster bay in the world. Over-harvesting and dredging over the centuries wiped out this essential species which serves as a natural filter, and as shelter and food for other sea creatures. Partnering with schools such as the NY Harbor School and the local community, Plant A Fish's oyster program will plant oysters to reestablish a healthy population in the area.

Learn about the Plant A Fish oyster garden and other programs

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